Visitor Information

Please read the following patient information, to get a step by step understanding of the process involved for your admission. Detailing the care we take to ensure your stay with us is of the highest standard.


We are located at 1/7 Gsell St, Wanguri NT 0810.


There are designated highlighted RESERVED Darwin Day Surgery parking spaces out the front of the building for patients and carers. If for some reason these are unavailable there is street parking on Gsell St.


Pre-admission is our process for finding out everything relevant to you, to assist in your treatment and recovery. It is also when we can answer your questions and prepare you for your stay here at Darwin Day surgery.

  • Pre-Admission Paperwork:

Every patient must complete our important pre-admission health screening form.This becomes the basis for your medical record and includes your discharge details. You will also need to complete your admission and consent form. You may have been given this during your doctors consultation, or it’s available from us at the day surgery in hard copy or click on the word-link to open the form up in a new window.

It is imperative that you return both of the above forms at least 14 days before your day of surgery.

To return it either:

  1. Return in person to 1/7 Gsell St Wanguri
  2. Fax all sides to (08) 7922 2288
  3. Email to

In addition, please read the following brochures carefully: Pre-Surgery Information Sheet and Communicating for Safety because they will help you to understand your day surgery admission with us.

The information you provide on your health screening form will be reviewed by our experienced pre-admission nurse, who will contact you approximately one week prior to your surgery, ensuring you are well informed with all the relevant information, discussing your medical history, your admission time, fasting details, bowel preparation (if required) and any out of pocket expenses.

At this time the pre-admission nurse in consultation with your doctor or anaesthetist will confirm if you need to continue or stop taking any medications prior to surgery.

If you are having a general anaesthetic or sedation anaesthetic it is essential that you arrange to have a responsible adult to collect you following your procedure and stay with you overnight. As you will not be able to drive for 24 hours following. Failure to do so may result in your procedure being cancelled.


  • Please arrive promptly at the time the pre-admission nurse has given you.
  • Ensure you follow the fasting information given to you by the pre-admission nurse closely, as this may cause some delay for you on the day if not done so.
  • Having a day procedure can mean an early start and potentially a wait. Please ensure you bring some reading material or something to do to help pass the time (magazines and television are provided).
  • Please bring minimal belongings with you on the day, leave jewellery and valuables at home, the remainder of your belongings will be placed in a bag and remain with you for your stay (personal lockers are not available).
  • We ask that you kindly turn your mobile phone off before entering the operating theatre.
  • If you are prone to getting cold, please bring a light cardigan or jumper with you for when you’re in recovery.
  • The day surgery does not have catering facilities, therefore we do not provide any hot food or drinks, you will be offered a light snack of cheese and biscuits, sweet biscuits, and juice or water. (If you would like something of substance perhaps ask your carer to bring it with them when they return to collect you following your operation).


  • Any relevant x-rays or reports
  • Money or credit card to pay for your accounts on admission
  • Medicare and health care membership card
  • If not already provided, your carers details for collection after surgery


On the day of your surgery you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff, who will ask you to confirm your details are correct, that any fees owing are paid and finalise any admission paperwork. You will then be taken through to the waiting area until the admission nurse is ready to complete your admission.

Here the admission nurse will ask you to confirm you details again, apply an identification band, perform a baseline set of observations (Blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), confirm the procedure you are having, and ensure you are fasted correctly. Once the admission is completed you will be asked to put a patient gown on in the change room and then wait in the individual waiting room or assisted to a bed.

Prior to being taken into the operating theatre you will be attended to by the anaesthetic nurse, whom will ask similar questions as the admission nurse. Ensuring that all the information is correct and nothing has been missed. Any issues or concerns can be voiced here and they will be handed over to either the surgeon or the anaesthetist.

The doctors and nurses will be taking numerous steps to ensure everything goes as planned for your care. This is a critical step in your care. These include:

  • Ensuring you, or your guardian, has signed a correct consent form with your doctor before any procedures can take place.
  • Ensuring your doctor has marked with a pen on the part of your body where the procedure will occur. (This will happen BEFORE you go into the operating theatre).

Finally, once in theatre, before the procedure begins, the staff will do what is called a “team time out”. Checking for the last time that they have the correct patient and are doing the correct procedure on the correct body part.

These are all part of the steps to ensure YOU’RE IN SAFE HANDS.

We strive to safeguard our patients by working closely with them, to provide the highest level of care in meeting the following standards.

  • Hand Hygiene and preventing infections
  • Medication safety
  • Patient Identification
  • Reducing the risk of blood clots
  • Preventing falls and pressure injuries

For your information we have also included our patient brochures on Hand Hygiene and Infection Control.


Following your procedure you will either be transported to recovery on a trolley where you will wake up, or if you are awake you will be assisted by staff with walking out to the recovery room. Here the nurses will monitor you closely, checking your operation site and performing regular observations (like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and heart rate).

Once you are awake and well enough, the nursing staff will give you something to eat and drink. They will explain how to look after your wound, any restrictions and what to do if something is not right.

Just prior to discharge you will be asked to complete a patient satisfaction survey. This can be used for all purposes from complaints, suggestions and compliments. We value your opinion so please take the time to fill it out. We use this information to assist us in implementing changes and improvements, to ensure we are meeting our high standards.


At discharge your recovery nurse will provide you and your carer with a detailed personal discharge plan and information sheet. This will include post anaesthetic care, medications, contact phone numbers, and specific instructions regarding your surgery. 

We will ask you if you would like a phone call the day following your surgery to ensure your recovery is progressing as planned and are happy to provide this service to you. (weekends and public holidays excluded).


If your carer is wishing to wait while you have your procedure, there is a comfortable air conditioned waiting room available. However, it’s advised to inform your carer that we will contact them when you’re ready for collection. As it’s expected that your stay can be between 2 to 3 hours.


An Amcal chemist is available on the corner of Gsell St and Vanderlin Drive. This is helpful following your procedure when you are required to get a prescription filled. In certain cases your carer can do this for you while they wait to collect you. NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with the chemist, we only can recommend it out of convenience. If you have a regular pharmacy then feel free to use their services.